Want to see some great Local Farms in September?

Volunteerspot.comCheck out our volunteer page http://knowyourfarmstour.com/volunteers/ and pick a task that suits you today to go on the 4th annual farm tour for FREE!   We encourage you to sign up before August 25 because we are having our first ever pre-tour volunteer appreciation dinner party at Lewis Farm.  This is going to be a lot of fun with nationally-renowned BBQ man Dan Huntley, Chef Megan Lambert and some Johnson & Wales crew, KYF representatives and tour coordinators, farmers, and many more.  We are thankful that this community has so many people willing to lend a hand and can’t wait to thank you in person….and of course, feed you!

We really need to fill some tasks on September 15-16 still so please take a look at those days first.  http://knowyourfarmstour.com/volunteers/ is the page to visit to see how we are doing.



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Farm Tour Volunteers Needed

If you are looking for a way to get involved with the Farm Tour this year, we have hundreds of things to work on to make this event happen.  We are looking for volunteers to help us put on the best farm tour yet.  This year, we are asking anyone interested in helping us out to visit our farm tour website (http://knowyourfarmstour.com) and click on the Volunteer Spot link to see a calendar with all the tasks we need help with for the tour.  You just have to put in an email address to see the calendar.