2013 CSA delivery begins in April.


You can order online by visiting our ordering page here.  Or, read more about the CSA!

C ommunity Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a way of supporting local farmers in which members of the community support local farms by purchasing the food they grow.

Did you know?  CSA can also be referred to as a produce box, farm share, produce share, and produce program!
CSA members assume the financial risk by purchasing local foods in advance.  The CSA providers assume the responsibility of delivering your pre-purchased food for the duration of your deliveries.  The farmers benefit by getting no-risk orders from us and are happy to let us handle the delivery as well.  CSA models provide farmers with a little more certainty than markets and direct farm sales.

Unlike most CSA services, there is no commitment after your first purchase!  We encourage everyone to try the Know Your Farms CSA for at least four deliveries because you can see a big difference in one month in terms of what you get in your box.  If you only try it for one week, you may not get a good representation of what supporting local farms is all about.  You may miss out on something really awesome!

Charlotte’s Multi-Farm CSA

Know Your Farms CSAThe Know Your Farms CSA has the most convenient options and flexibility for our members.  Our pickup locations include small business hosts, office workplaces, neighborhoods, and a few permanent locations.   The CSA is usually year-round and supports around 24 farms at this time.  We are passionate about making the great local food easily available and convenient.    You can find out more information including pricing, schedule, and all of our many options by visiting the Know Your Farms CSA website.

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CSA Recipes

We provide recipes each week to help you use the local produce you get in your CSA share!  That’s right, we make it really easy to use up what we deliver to you.  Recipes will be posted on our website, facebook, and sometimes printed for your box.  We don’t always print recipes to reduce our waste.

Did you know?  You can search all of our previous recipe posts by going to our blog page.