We have a few types of drop sites that we use in the CSA program.  We are looking for new sites each year and reading through the descriptions will help you figure out how you could get involved.  There are a few factors we use to determine whether or not a new site will work in the program.  These factors are proximity to existing drop sites, restrictions on member pickups, hours of availability (access to building/location), ease of access from road/parking lot, and potential for membership density.

Fundraising Sites
New in 2013!  Fundraising sites are places that are small, privately owned businesses, churches, and non-profits.  We contribute a portion of our membership revenues as unrestricted funds to these organizations for their assistance in increasing the membership levels at their site over the minimum.  In 2013, we will contribute $1 per share per week each month to these organizations.  Potential drop sites that are willing to open their locations up to all members are preferred.

  • Churches
  • Small Businesses
  • Universities
  • Private Schools (or public schools that can accept donations)
  • Non-profits

Public Drop Site
We also have some locations that are open to all members but do not meet the criteria for a fundraising site.  These typically require a volunteer to help us manage the distribution of the food.  Public sites do not have a single point of contact and are typically not in an actual building.  
Neighborhoods - Home Delivery
New in 2013!  Neighborhoods are managed by Area Coordinators and can offer home delivery or be a single drop site.  Area Coordinators earn store credit on our CSA site for all memberships they recruit above the minimum for their area.  The AC’s area may include more than one neighborhood.  KYF staff will be available to help promote the service and provide support for promotional events like house parties.  Neighborhoods will need an AC in order to become a drop site.  When new members sign up, they will have the opportunity to tell us how they heard about the service.  Each month, we will look at the memberships from each AC’s territory and add store credits to their account in the amount of $1 per share per week above the minimum location amount.  That is typically 10 memberships per location or territory.  
Workplace Sites
Workplaces can offer our service to their employees.  We encourage them to incorporate our service in their official employee benefits packages or make it an official wellness program option.  We make it easy for companies looking to improve their sustainability objectives, employee health objectives, and community support objectives in one service.  Joining the CSA is a great way to encourage employees to eat healthy and be more productive at work.  It’s possible that if enough people in your organization are eating more fruits and veggies that you could see some cost savings in healthcare.

Workplaces must maintain 15 shares minimum each week.  KYF will suspend the service if the membership participation falls below the minimum for more than one week until the minimum is reached again. Our staff is available for workplace promotions and continuing education within your organization.  We believe in what we do and can help you educate your employees on why it’s important to increase fruit and veggie consumption.