RSA (restaurant supported agriculture) is a way for restaurants to support the local food system by using local products consistently or featuring locally sourced items on the menu.  We make it really simple for you to support local farmers and inspire creativity in your kitchens.  By joining the RSA program, you will directly impact our local farmers and get some good exposure through our network of loyal and local-seeking members.  If you are associated with our service, you will be a sought after place to dine because people will know you are helping us build a stronger local food system.

We make it really easy to buy local.  All you have to do is commit to one of our RSA “shares” and we will deliver fresh, local produce to your business.  As an added benefit, if you participate in the program, we will provide you with an attractive “Eat Local” decal to place in your entrance if you wish.  This will let people who are looking for local an easy way to know that your restaurant is actually buying local.  Our RSA shares are available in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries.  The shares are made up of seasonally available, mixed vegetables.  You can call us the week before delivery and ask if we have a specific vegetable(s) for your share.  You can also order extra bulk produce to supplement your share.

Our RSA service is not ideal for replacing your daily produce needs.  It is perfect for giving you an easy way to highlight fun, creative, LOCAL dishes on a regular basis.  Just one share a week or month helps our local farmers.  Please visit our RSA website to see the available options.

You can also place orders online