Corporate partners can provide healthy alternatives for their employees and meet wellness initiatives through our services. Each employee can personalize their subscription to fit their individual needs using our online ordering system. We offer flexible ordering and an easy way to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as, the option to add extra items like meats, eggs, and dairy. Once employees have registered for the program, they will receive weekly order reminders, weekly newsletters, recipes, educational information and much more with their weekly shares. We also utilize social media to provide even more information outside of work to help employees develop an appreciation for the “local” lifestyle.

Your employees can choose to select any of our existing drop sites or we can work with you to create a drop within your building(s). If you should choose to make your location a drop point, we would require a contact person who would facilitate the pickup procedure each week. In addition, the company would need to provide a small freezer unit for meats and frozen foods as well as a cooler or refrigerator to house the cheese, eggs and dairy. A small investment in your employees’ health at this level will reap fantastic rewards. If the company cannot provide proper storage for the drop, then proper storage will be the responsibility of the employee participants.

Fill out the drop site application online or contact us if you are interested.

We can help you promote the idea to your employees by attending employee health fairs, speaking at impromptu gatherings, speaking at lunch meetings, or providing breakroom and digital fliers. We also encourage HR and wellness representatives to consider following examples of other companies and making our service a payroll deduction benefit. It is a really inexpensive way to achieve really big goals for your employees!

Farmers play an important role in Know Your Farms. We have developed some really great relationships with our farmers over the years. If you are a farmer and want to get involved, please contact us and let us know.

Please call 980-225-1020 or email us info (@)

Wholesale partners can help support local farmers by placing orders through us. We offer the highest-quality local, seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. Our current wholesale delivery days are Tuesday (Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville) and Wednesday (Charlotte). If you would like to receive delivery of wholesale products on a different day, please let us know by calling us at 980-225-1020 or by email ( We will be happy to discuss how we can source your local food needs. Our wholesale items are typically listed by case. However, we do have the capability to provide certain things in larger bulk quantities or smaller quantities.

Did you know?  We can source coolers for resale by cafeteria service providers with all kinds of local products for your customers.